Updated: Jun 15, 2020

During these challenging times, it is difficult to find motivation, and even more of a struggle if you don’t have yourself an organised workspace. Having a stylish and practical workspace has been said to heighten productivity, it makes you want to sit down and tackle the looming deadlines.

Natural, non-harsh lighting, decluttered surfaces, organised stationary and a comfortable set up with rejuvenating colours can all help. No matter how small your work area, here are some steps to help you create the perfect WFH setup.

1) Figure out what you need to complete your daily tasks and workload. For example your laptop, a small notebook, reading material and some pens. Put these items to one side and clear the desk area from everything else. If there are items you no longer need or use, get rid of them. Whilst charity shops may be closed, keep a bag of things to donate when they reopen.

2) Thoroughly clean your workspace, or desk. Lockdown is giving us the time to do the housework which we don’t usually have time for.

3) Now place back your everyday essential work items. If you have small loose items, try organising them into a trinket dish, or a pen pot. Hold off with your decorative items at the moment, we will get to those later.

4) Now for lighting, if you are near natural light, utilise this as much as possible. It may mean moving some things around, and re-working the layout of your furniture to be closer to a window or light source, but this will hugely help with eye strain and environment. If you do not have natural light, try moving your lighting to a different zone, nearer your desk, or wherever works best for you.

5) Next evaluate what is missing, and what could benefit you. For example, if you work a creative job, maybe having a pin board would help you visualise your work, with the absence of a workshop.

6) Have a look at your decorative items and engage with Marie Kondo’s philosophy. If it does not spark joy, bid it farewell. Your workspace should inspire you, it shouldn’t necessarily be a shrine to family photos and holiday souvenirs. Having said that, if a photograph of a destination motivates you to work harder, set it pride of place. Have fun and get creative with it. If your workspace feels a little bare and lacking after this step, try treating yourself to a new pen pot, or a stylish stapler; these double up as being stylish, yet functional.

7) Incorporate self-care, from the comfort of your very own WFH setup. Keep a few personal wellbeing products handy, a lip balm, hand cream. Essential oils can help sooth laptop induced headaches, and a scented candle can bring some tranquillity into an otherwise chaotic space.

Finally, get to work!

There is no reason why anyone can’t spruce up their workspace, to help boost morale towards a ‘new normal’ way to continue working. Tag @TheModems in your WFH workspaces, to be featured on our Instagram, we would love to see them.

Written by: Charlotte Bendkowski


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