Updated: Jun 15, 2020

From motherhood meet-ups to monitoring your baby’s development, these are the apps new mothers need to download.

Whether you're welcoming your first child or adding to your brood, it never hurts to get a little extra help on your journey through motherhood.

These are eight of the tried-and-tested pregnancy and parenting apps we recommend...

1) Peanut app


The Peanut app aims to make sure no one has to navigate motherhood alone, especially the hard parts. The app gives you access to a social network to connect with other women across fertility and motherhood. It aims to make it easy to meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

Free, Peanut by Peanut App Limited

2) Freya Surge Timer


Designed by Siobhan Miller, founder of the Positive Birthing Company, Freya is an app for timing contractions and encouraging hypnobirthing breathing techniques, to help you relax during the latent stage of labour.

£2.99, Freya by The Positive Birth Company

3) Elvie Pump and Trainer


The Elvie breast pump and pelvic floor exercise device both sync with your phone for ease. The breast pump tells you how much milk you’re producing and has a mechanism to stop automatically when full (meaning no leaks), while the pelvic floor device allows you to track the strength of your pelvic floor and your progress via the app.

Free, Elvie Trainer by Chiaro Technology Ltd

4) Baby2Body Pregnancy Workout


This is a great daily workout you can do from home with just a few hand and ankle weights. The exercises are tailored to your current fitness level and how many weeks pregnant you are. The sessions last about 15-25 minutes per day and always include a gentle stretch before and after the workout. As an added bonus, it comes with helpful nutrition and mindfulness advice.

Free, Baby2Body by Baby2Body Limited

5) Pregnancy +


A great pregnancy tracking app, upload your bump pictures to discover the size of your baby in relative fruit, dessert and (the cutest) baby animal comparisons. How else would you know whether you’re carrying a pomegranate or an avocado? More than 25 million users have signed up.

Free, Pregnancy + by Health & Parenting Ltd

6) Squeezy NHS Pelvic Floor


Squeezy has helped thousands of women regain confidence in their pelvic floor which explains why all the midwives and yoga teachers recommend this one. The pelvic floor app was designed by the NHS with two different exercises to do three times per day. It easily explains each exercise and sends daily reminders to your phone.

£2.99, Squeezy NHS Pelvic Floor App by Living With Ltd

7) The Wonder Weeks


This bestselling baby app is said to be a godsend for mums during those times of the complete unknown. The app has a calendar which explains the development of your child - including why your baby might be poorly, not sleeping, fussy, or eating irregularly - and offers practical advice and solutions for what you can do to help.

£2.99, The Wonder Weeks by Domus Technica

8) Mush


Tackling the feeling of isolation that many new mothers can experience, Mush was designed to provide friendship, support and meet-ups with other mums who have children of a similar age to your own. It was created by Sarah and Katie who bonded over the nightmare of “two under two” and who wanted an easy and fun way to find local like-minded mum friends.

Free, Mush:the friendliest mum app by Mush Limited

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