A day in the life of Tabitha Willett - App Edition

Written by Charlotte Bendkowski


We sit down (virtually) with new mother Tabitha Willett, the reality-star turned mummy blogger is now a soon-to-be owner of her own boutique on the Kings Road. We discussed the apps that keep her, and her precious daughter Ottilie entertained throughout the day.

What is the first app you open when you wake up and why?

I normally open my Nest app first as it means I can see the camera in the nursery. I check this throughout the night too as I can see if my daughter is stirring or if she has rolled over or has anything covering her face. It normally sends a little notification to my phone if there is noise of movement but I love the security of being able to check it. I opted for this over a baby monitor with a camera as I wanted to be able to check from my phone when I was out and also we can use is in the house when we no longer need a baby monitor. 

Google Nest Camera



What app can you not live without?

The new Disney+ App. It is a total life saver with a toddler! Car journeys, meal times, bath time, nappy changing time. It distracts her so quickly and I love knowing that I can switch Frozen on at the touch of a button.

Do you use any fitness apps? Which is your favourite?

I really really hate running, but during lock down for my sanity I started getting out and the only thing that kept me going is Runkeeper App. You can listen to your own music and they cheer you on over the top of it telling you to keep it up, run faster or cool off the speed a bit. It's really clever! I also use the Deliciously Ella App - not for her recipes but for her Yoga! My favourite yoga teacher in the world Phoebe Greenacre is on there and it's amazing. I think it's 99p a month or something and just so worth it. 

Which is your favourite food app, whether if be for recipes, ordering food, or planning grocery shops and meals?

An app that my sister turned me onto called Too Good To Go. An hour before restaurants and cafes close they list food that they have left over from service that cannot be sold the next day. It is so great for helping to eliminate food waste. 

Which is your favourite social media app?

It has to be Instagram - it has become such a lifestyle for me - and I'm still working out whether that is a good or bad thing. I think the way that I use it is healthy but I am still very aware of the dangers around it. I make a living through my Instagram so I rely on it for that, but I also use it to keep up with friends and family (I have a private account that I mostly use for this and photos of my daughter), I have connected with brands that I have always dreamed of working with, I can be artistic and create beautiful content which is where my real passion lies. But most importantly, I have found solace and support in becoming a new mother that I never expected. I suffered from pre-natal depression and some of the connections that I made with proffessionals and total strangers on Instagram really got me through.

What app is missing a trick?

That's a hard one - I'm not entirely sure. I only use the apps that really suit me and my way of life. I don't really have the time to sit down and try to work it out if it doesn't work exactly as I need it to it goes straight in the bin! 

Which app do you love to hate?

Probably Deliveroo. I love it but it annoys me that I love it so much. It just makes so much choice so accessible. It takes my love out of the kitchen and instills laziness but I use it at least once or twice a week. Nearly always for convenience over luxury.

Do you use any health or wellness apps?

Not for myself, but I do use one called the Wonder Weeks for my daughter. It is personalised for you and tells you when leaps might be coming up. I find it very useful and I know lots of other new mummies that love it too.

As a mother, and given the current situation, are there any apps you use with your children?

There is one app that my daughter likes called Baby Rattle. It literally turns your device into a little rattle. You can also alter your settings so when your baby is playing it she can't flick between apps or shut off the screen. 

What is your favourite emoji?

The little monkey covering his eyes 🙈 I think that says a lot about me as a person. Lot's of 'uh ohhh' moments.

Do you have your apps organised in folders by categories, or is it a free for all?

I have literally just this week started to organise my apps into folders as they were spanning over 5 pages before! And it is honestly doing my head in as I can't find where anything is! I am going to give it to the end of the week and then just spread everything out again. 

Do you use any meditation or sleep apps?

I don't use it enough but I love the Calm app. The stories and the breathing exercises are really effective.

What app would you create if you could? 

Some kind of travel/taxi app for children - I can't tell you how annoying it is lugging a car seat in and out of Ubers. I am yet to find anything other than a black cab that caters to transport in the city with an infant. Other than a black cab which fits my pram.

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