They've also introduced the transgender flag emoji, mirror emoji and wedding emojis

Brand new emojis are now available thanks to the release of iOS 14.2.

Source: Emojipedia

Apple have continued with their previous commitments to inclusion by featuring for the first time a Transgender flag. The flag was first created by American Trans woman Monica Helms in 1999 and made its debut at the Arizona pride parade in Pheonix in 2000. The three colours represent baby blue for boys and baby pink for girls as well as white for those who are transitioning, intersex or consider themselves as having an unidentified gender.

Tuxedo emojis are now gender-neutral in the new update.

Likewise Bridal emojis have been supplemented by gender non-specific options. There is a gender neutral default, and also options for a man wearing a veil as well as the traditional woman wearing a veil.

Single fathers can also enjoy a more inclusive emoji set, the bottle-feeding emoji now has the option of a man or gender neutral person feeding a baby, whereas before the only option for bottle feeding was for woman. This allows iOS 14.2 users to break away from gender stereotypes.

The theme of neutrality even extends to Christmas, with an alternative to 🎅 Santa Claus and 🤶 Mrs. Claus. This emoji is simply a person wearing a Christmas Hat which is neither a woman or a man.

The update also featured a 'Pandemic friendly' option, which is an updated 😷 Face with Medical Mask with smiling eyes on the masked face, which was first seen in beta releases last month.

You are now able to access 3,292 emojis in total, 117 new ones, thanks to the update.

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