Research from Mount Sinai found the Apple Watch can predict a Covid-19 diagnosis up to 7 days before the current testing available

The latest study from Mount Sinai published in the peer-reviewed “Journal of Medical Internet Research,” revealed that the heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch, is able to effectively predict a Covid-19 diagnosis up to a week before the PCR nasal swab tests that are currently being used.

The groundbreaking investigation was named the “Warrior Watch Study.” Researchers used a Series 5 Apple Watch and iPhone app and utilised participants from the Mount Sinai staff. The study required the participants to use the Apple health app and asked that they fill out a daily survey to provide feedback about their potential symptoms.

Several hundred healthcare workers were enlisted to participate, and data was collected between April and September 2020. The primary signal from the watch that was being measured was heart rate variability (HRV), a key indicator of strain on ones nervous system. This data was combined with information given by participants about their symptoms (if they had any), including fever, dry cough and loss of taste and smell.

During the course of the study, the research team was not only able to predict infections seven days before tests were able to, but it also showed that with the participants who had tested positive for Covid-19, their HRV returned to normal fairly quickly, about one to two weeks after their diagnosis.


Series 5 Watch


The Watch Warrior Study, shows that the heart rate sensors in modern wearables, particularly the Apple watch, are incredibly accurate and can be used for more than monitoring health and fitness. It can be a deterrent for future diseases and pandemics, helping us isolate faster and reducing the spread of Covid-19. Using just a watch, with no need for a PCR test, also means healthcare workers do not need to be in close contact with someone who is trying to find out if they have the virus, reducing their risk of infection.

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