Updated: Jun 23, 2020

New research by Colorado State University has found that women are less attracted to a potential suitor if they are pictured with a pet cat.

According to the study, men with cats in their profile pictures on dating apps are seen as being "less masculine, more neurotic" and "less dateable."

Courtesy: Harry Winston

Over 1,300 women between the ages of 18-24 were surveyed and the aim was understand to what degree, if any, the presence of a cat has on women’s perceptions of men online.

The women were asked to view photos of men alone versus photos of the same men holding a cat, and then asked to rate the man holding the cat on various attributes including; masculinity, agreeableness and ultimately if they were datable in the short and long term.

Scientists who undertook the research concluded, “This study found that college-age women viewing a photo of a man alone versus a photo of the same man holding a cat rated the man holding the cat as less masculine.”

Courtesy: Pexel

However its important to note that the findings could be affected by some external factors which the researchers acknowledged, "We hypothesized that women who identify as a 'dog person' may be less likely to perceive a 'cat person' as datable."

It looks like animals can play a big part in how attractive we are perceived online with researchers saying, "These findings suggest that pets continue to play a role in women’s mate choices and dating preference."

Previous research had suggested that the presence of a pet may add to women’s perceptions of male attractiveness and dateability but it looks like the choice of animal is equally important.

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