This week Bang & Olufsen introduced the Beosound Level, a portable wireless speaker that delivers on impressive sound and their typically high-end design.

The speaker intelligently changes its tuning to deliver the same listening experience in any position, in any room. That means you can stand it upright in the kitchen, lie it flat on a table or hang it gracefully on your wall, and the sound quality doesn't change. Using materials that 'soften technology' the speakers wouldn't look out of place in even the chicest home.

“Beosound Level is the ultimate speaker for people who want the flexibility and convenience of a portable speaker but don’t want to sacrifice on sound quality and multiroom connectivity for the ultimate music listening experience." explained Christoffer Poulsen, Head of Product at Bang & Olufsen. "It works effortlessly with Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2 and Chromecast and because of Beosound Level’s modular design, we are future-proofing Beosound Level so that it can deliver our signature sound for decades to come.”

The optional wall bracket turns the speakers from an ordinary listening device into an objet d-art. It also allows you to charge the speaker whilst still listening to music and easily detach the speaker from the wall when you want the music to move with you. It looks sleek and when they look this nice on your wall, you won't want to hide them away.

The speaker covers are available in a natural oak veneer, which has been treated to highlight the natural grains and texture of the wood, reminiscent of luxury Scandinavian furniture, making it more visually appealing than your traditional speakers.

What else do we like about it?

The Beosound Level can easily be carried around the home and even taken into the garden thanks to its wireless technologies and the fact it's water resistant. When approaching the speaker, the device lights up to greet you through proximity sensors adjusting its brightness to suit day or night. After you are finished interacting with the speaker, the light slowly dims, allowing the minimal design to speak for itself.

The easy charge solution, is another worthwhile addition. The speaker boasts an aluminium magnetic plug which seamlessly clicks onto the back of the speaker. This makes charging easy, and elegant, the charger is pretty enough that you can leave it on your tabletop with pride.

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