Couple take all their wedding photos on a Huawei phone

And it actually looks pretty good.

Research reveals that 35% of married Brits regret how their wedding pictures turned out and 38% of married Brits say they prefer the images taken on guests’ smartphones to the professional photos.

A couple decided to ditch traditional wedding photography and a professional DSLR camera to have their wedding captured entirely on a smartphone. Renowned photographer Ian Weldon teamed up with Huawei to capture a couple’s wedding day exclusively on a Huawei P30 Pro.

Holly Eeles, 26, and James Sherris, 34, were married on 16th November 2019, at Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa, in Windermere in the Lake District, and had an intimate and classic winter wedding, amongst 70 close guests.

The project was commissioned by world leading technology company Huawei, after they teamed up with photographer Ian Weldon, dubbed the ‘coolest wedding photographer’ in the world, and challenged him to photograph a wedding using only a Huawei P30 Pro, to prove the quality of photographs can rival those taken on a DSLR.

Ian Weldon, famed for his documentary style photography, who captured the wedding on a Huawei P30 Pro, said: “In most instances, photographers would have at least 2 cameras, multiple lenses and lighting equipment. But having shot Holly and James’s wedding exclusively on the P30 Pro, I can safely say it is also possible to capture an entire wedding on a smartphone.

“My usual photography style is capturing candid moments, and the P30 Pro allowed me to move around and capture moments that would’ve been more difficult if using a traditional camera.”

On having their entire wedding day shot on a camera phone, Holly and James commented: “We were nervous about swapping a professional camera for a smartphone to capture our wedding, but we were totally blown away by the quality of the photos. We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

"Being photographed by a smartphone also felt so natural. We barely even noticed Ian was there, capturing so many of the small, candid moments which are so special to look back on."

This follows new research by Huawei, which looked into married Brits’ opinions on wedding photography, regrets about their own wedding pictures, and social media embargos. The research uncovered that millions of married adults have regrets about how their wedding photos turned out, with over one third of respondents confessing they weren’t happy with the snaps because they looked too ‘staged’. As a result, almost half (46%) of betrothed Brits wish they’d asked friends and family to take more candid shots on the day, as one in three (33%) confess there are magical moments from their wedding which they wish had been caught on camera, which weren’t.

Two-fifths (38%) of married Brits say they actually prefer the images taken on guests’ smartphones to the professional shots

When it comes to social media, it has been revealed that 41% of married Brits had pictures of their big day posted to social media, with one in ten (11 per cent) finding time themselves to post photos and videos on the wedding day itself.

However, 40% of Brits imposed an ‘embargo’ or ban on friends and family posting images to social media before the official shots were unveiled, and of those who had the embargo or photo sharing ban broken, a whopping 83% said it ruined their wedding day.

Justin Costello, Head of Marketing, Huawei UK & Ireland, commented: “What better way to showcase the unparalleled photography capabilities of our flagship smartphone, the P30 Pro, than put it to the ultimate test – a real life wedding. The resulting images of Holly and James’s beautiful wedding are a testament to the handset’s revolutionary technology – thanks to the Leica Quad Camera System – that allows you to capture every detail and vibrant colour of life’s most precious moments.”  

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