DREST, the interactive luxury styling app created by fashion stalwart Lucy Yeomans, has just unveiled Mary Greenwell’s latest make-up look 'Summer Sunset' for its users.  

To mark the occassion, DREST has launched a dedicated ‘Summer Sunset’ challenge which is now live on the app. Legendary make-up artist Mary Greenwell will be judging her favourite looks from the challenge, with the chosen winners receiving a 2,500 ​DREST​ Dollar bonus. This is the second time Greenwell has worked with the app.

Mary Greenwell’s Summer Sunset look launches at the height of what would have been the music festival season, noticeably Glastonbury. The look embraces the vibrant summer shades that reflect the season, with a cool bright yellow and warm orange tone eye palette, and minimal face and lips, which can be applied to all 12 DREST model avatars within the in-game challenges.

“When I think of summer my mind is automatically drawn to bright, poppy colours” Mary Greenwell explained.

“I have embraced vibrant summer shades for the most part, though I decided to keep the face and lips minimal with warm, peach hues and a little highlighter. The pink lined eyes dance between cool bright yellow and warm orange tones which creates a truly striking effect. I hope this makeup look conjures up special memories and excites you for all the adventures yet to come.”

With Glastonbury and many other summer events cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic it looks like interactive fashion apps such as DREST are the best way of getting your festival fashion fix for the coming months.

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