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The pandemic has clearly shown that the human behaviour, especially around travel is damaging. Although the dent COVID-19 has left in the tourism and travel industry is significant, there has been a silver lining. Wildlife is been thriving, and air and water quality has improved as carbon emission levels are the lowest they have been in years. The advent of sustainable travel is one leading solution in continuing the environmental healing that has taken place during the pandemic.  

Technology, especially smart phone apps are playing a huge role in increasing the popularity of sustainable tourism by educating individuals on what it is, and how to go about it. The ‘Green Globe’ app for instance promotes sustainable hotels worldwide, likewise the ‘Green Travel’ app tracks C02 emissions of all local transportation, helping you make better travel choices.

The site ‘Pack for a Purpose’ has been established for a decade, where it encourages tourists to use a small part of their suitcase to pack supplies that are needed for locals in the area they are visiting. This app has a particularly large impact as it constantly kept updated, for example, their website highlights how the most help will be necessary in their listed areas after the pandemic begins to slow.

While we might not be going on a voyage anytime soon, it's good to know what options are out there for those of us who do care about eco-friendly travel solutions.

Eco-friendly travel apps: 

Closca Water

We all know that plastic waste is detrimental to the environment especially if you are travelling in a country that lacks recycling services. The Refill My Bottle app has a solution to cut down on the amount of plastic water bottles we use. Their map shows you the closest water fountains and refill points to your location, so that you do not have to buy a new water bottle when you travel. Use it to refill your plastic bottle or your metal re-usable one. This app boasts the largest amount of water refilling stations in the world.

Green Travel

This app tracks your CO2 emissions on any type of transport. It allows you to compare buses, planes, motorbikes and see which option is less harmful for the environment. It will help you make a travel decision more friendly for the climate by finding out exactly how much every journey contributes to your carbon footprint.

My Little Plastic Footprint

My Little Plastic Footprint is an app that helps you reduce your plastic consumption by going on a "plastic diet." It allows you to see the amount of plastic you use and how to minimise it, in order to reduce your plastic usage and choose sustainable alternatives. Alternative options are given the amount of plastic you use in your daily and travelling life.


This app shows you the places in a certain area which will have a positive economic and social impact such as places to shop, eat and drink. This one allows you to discover off the beaten path accommodations, restaurants, activities, NGOs and more selected for being authentic and having a positive impact. The aim of this app is to change touristic behaviour and make people more mindful of their habits abroad.


Has information on thousands on products where it rates how ethical and eco-friendly they are. Like other apps, this can be used whilst travelling and at home, which increases its positive impacts. The best thing about the app is that it can also give you alternative products to the ones you use if they are not eco-friendly enough.


Using your phone’s GPS the Locavore app finds you local farmers’ markets and places to support agriculture worldwide. Whilst you are travelling, the app will also educate you on which fruits and vegetables are in season and can help the local farmers if you purchase them.

Other eco-friendly travel resources:

Pack for a Purpose

The website that allows you to make an impact on the area you are travelling to, by suggesting what items to pack and take with you - that are not available or they cannot afford in the local community. You can participate as a traveller, travel agency, tour company or an advocate. This site gives small and simple ideas which will have large and positive effects.


The Battery Carry-On, £215



Again this one isn't an app but we've included it regardless as the site provides comparisons between booking sites to show the most sustainable hotels and destinations around the world. You can even chose flight routes which have the least CO2 emissions.

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