Updated: Jun 15, 2020

On Tuesday, Facebook announced the launch of product recognition tool GrokNet for use across the new Facebook Shops feature.

Previously deployed across Facebook Marketplace, GrokNet uses product recognition across billions of photos in different categories to automatically define and tag product images by their attributes, helping to make photos on Facebook shoppable.

This announcement comes in support of the newly launched Facebook Shops, which enables businesses to easily open a digital storefront featuring their product catalogues; GrokNet would then automatically tag these product images and link them to shopping pages to develop a new, more convenient way of shopping on social media and to provide small businesses with the opportunity to showcase their products to a wider consumer and therefore helping them thrive even during this difficult time of economic uncertainty.

How Facebook’s AI tool will work on recognising products.

For now it is unclear how accurate GrokNet will be for businesses but Facebook say it can currently identify 90% of images on Facebook Marketplace in the Home and Garden category so we will have to wait and see what the business users think. 

As for the future of Facebook using artificial intelligence tools, this is only the foundation in what they hope will become an “entirely new way to shop” on their platforms with plans to develop an ‘AI Lifestyle Assistant’ which can search and personalise products to an individual users preferences, so watch this space.

Written by: Megan Morris


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