Everything you need to know about the new Dyson Corrale straightener

Today Dyson introduced their new Dyson Corrale straighteners, the first ever to have flexing plates that shape to gather hair. The flexing magnesium copper alloy plates "shape" around the hair with extra control which allows you to create the same style but with less heat - and the company claims this causes half the damage as regular straighteners.

While regular straighteners tend to only apply tension and heat to the thickest part of the hair the flexible plates are optimised to adapt to your hair with each pass of the iron. This means less flyaway hair according to Dyson.

Like its predecessors, the Supersonic hair dryer and Airwrap curler the Corrale comes at a high price point. The device is £399, almost double the price of a top-end GHD straightener. Dyson is prepared to justify these costs with the cutting edge technology it employs in creating its product. The device has been seven years in the making and the engineering behind the Corrale is impressive. Many of the years in testing Dyson subjected it to drops to make sure of its durability.

The device features intelligent heat control, with an integrated sensor system which regulates the temperature of the plates 100 times a second, ensuring constant power so heat never exceeds your chosen setting. It comes with three temperature settings, 165°C, 185°C and 210°C.

The device lasts for 30 minutes on charge and can be topped up to 100% full battery in 70 minutes (90% in 40 minutes) but Dyson has astutely included a magnetic charging cable for longer styling sessions – so it can be used with or without the cord, which makes it slightly more suitable for salons and professional hairstylists so they dont have to keep charging after every session.

Due to the 4-cell lithium-ion batteries you might find it comes in a touch heavy at 0.561kg, so if you have thick hair it might not be for you as your arms could ache after straightening, although if you want the promise of less flyaways it's definitely worth it.

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