Femtech: Natural Cycles - Does this product really work?

Have you tried every contraceptive out there?

In that case it might be time to try digital contraception.

The app Natural Cycles has grown in popularity over the last couple of years.

The product has a so called ‘smart algorithm’ (that's what it's called on the website) which can accurately determine a woman’s daily fertility and is 93% effective and it an easy way to track periods and fertility. You measure your temperature first thing in the morning before you get up and out of bed (when you sign up to the app you are sent a two decimal basal thermometer, which is are more sensitive than regular fever thermometers as they show two decimals e.g. 36.72°C) And the Natural Cycles algorithm analyses the temperature measurements you enter into the app to detect ovulation, thereby identifying green days, when no protection is needed, or red days, when you should use condoms or abstain from sex to prevent a pregnancy. You can also enter the days of your period to make the app even more accurate according to its developers.

But does it really work? I have friends who swear by it and will never go on the pill again... but have heard horror stories also as the app is only 93% effective. (In comparison the pill is said to be 99% effective when used perfectly.) In my opinion it sounds like something that's more useful as an ovulation tracking app, something to use if you are trying to get pregnant rather than avoid pregnancy.

Have you tried it yet?

£ - £5.99 per month

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