And you can purchase pieces from the collection at 'PokéStops'

The North Face x Gucci collection has made it debut in Pokémon GO.

The Italian fashion house is collaborating with the AR-mobile game to debut its The North Face x Gucci collection.

The Pokémon GO game was named one of Apple’s Best of 2020 Apps and according to Forbes made $2 billion in 2020.

It should come as no surprise that Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele has decided to foray into the world of fashion gaming. The pandemic has forced many brands to come up with new creative ways to connect with the audiences, following the prolonged closures of retails stores.

Courtesy: The North Face x Gucci

There has been a noticeable trend for the merging of luxury fashion and video games, such as when Balenciaga released their latest collection within a fashion video game called 'Age Of Tomorrow' and when Christian Louboutin teamed up with Zepeto to showcase their SS21 range.

Gucci first teased the collaboration back in December, but no one was quite sure how the partnership would look.

So how does it work?

You can now discover pieces from The North Face x Gucci collection within the game and in the real world. These items will be available to purchase via geo-drop at 100 PokéStops, located at Gucci Pins, which are pop-ups in parks and stores around the globe. So essentially Pokémon 'trainers' can dress their avatars in Gucci and also buy the items in real life.

For a limited time, avatar items based on T-shirts, hats, and backpacks will be available at these locations.

Courtesy: The North Face x Gucci

What if I cant get to one of the PokéStop locations?

Originally you needed to travel, easier said than done right now, to one of 100 different Gucci locations and spin a PokéStop to unlock the items from The North Face x Gucci to dress your avatar and use within the game. However, now Pokémon Go has provided players with a code that unlocks the North Face x Gucci avatar items. The code is: GXSD5CJ556NHG

'Gotta catch them all.'

To dress your avatar in The North Face x Gucci Download Pokémon GO from App Store and Google Play.

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