Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Animal Crossing has been around since 2001, but it has really come into its own recently with more people turning to gaming to find some entertainment to fill otherwise empty days.

Animal Crossing is a virtual reality game, which allows a player to create and design their very own island. You are in charge of everything, from who lives on your island, how it looks, and even how you look. The game gives users freedom of expression, especially through how they can dress.

There is a clothing store on the island, which gets introduced a few weeks into the game. The clothing retail starts off as a pop-up store on the plaza by the resident services building. Once you get your 'Able Sisters' store, the possibilities are endless. With quick changing stock, and the possibility to create your own custom designs, players have every IT-girl's dream wardrobe at their fingertips.

With the production potential infinite, some high fashion worshippers have been busy creating the latest SS20 collections, via the custom design tool. There are a number of Instagram accounts which post islander's copy-cat designs, next to the real-life design on the runway.

While the world of Animal Crossing is easy to pass off as just a game, popular for its idyllic and cute animations, the fashionistas who frequent the virtual world have made some major headlines in the press. Power players such as ID magazine, Elle Taiwan, Grazia China, Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, Nylon magazine, GQ Taiwan, and Vogue Taiwan have all featured Instagram account Crossing the Runway in their publications, showing off the luxury runway pieces created for the avatars living on a desert island.

Might Animal Crossing become the next outlet for brand sponsorships? With the game on the rise, it could be a great platform for endorsed content.

The Nintendo Switch is the preferred console to play the latest version of Animal Crossing 'New Horizons.' The three year old console is now selling faster than it did when it first launched, causing issues for Nintendo with factory closures caused by the pandemic coupled with an increased demand. The Switch recently sold out in all major retailers in the US, Japan, and many European countries. Nintendo sold 390,000 Switch consoles in the week that 'New Horizons' became available, and a further 280,000 the following week. The Japanese market accounts for 20% of Nintendo’s total Switch revenue alone.

Many video games and consoles are surging in popularity and usage, given the current situation, but the 'family friendly' nature of Animal Crossing gives it appeal to most age groups, and peaceful island life making it an ideal escape during lockdown. With the worst thing that can happen is being getting stung by wasps, it’s a welcome distraction.

With shops and restaurants remaining closed for the near future, there has been little occasion to dress up and shop. Animal Crossing has given players an outlet, and allowed users to show off their style and creativity in the latest luxury garments.

Do you have animal crossing? Share some of your favourite designs with us...

Written by: Charlotte Bendkowski


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