Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Our writer Charlotte discovered how influencers are making big money from OnlyFans.

I had heard about OnlyFans, and the financial benefits it can bring for the 'right sort’ of content, but further research led down a path that I never knew existed.

Artwork: Christopher DeLorenzo

On the surface, OnlyFans can seem quite a wholesome concept. It is an online platform, which promotes a subscription service for fans. It's used by the likes of Blac Chyna, Megan Barton Hanson and Danielle Lloyd.

The ‘creators’ sell content to a fan base for a fee. The OnlyFans commission takes 20% of the subscription fee, and it handles the

payment process seamlessly for the creators.

OnlyFans is said to be ‘more personal’ as it allows the creators to message back, and even send private content to selected ‘fans’, for an extra fee of course. These are referred to as ‘special interactions’.

OnlyFans has a very unique feature, where it allows the creator to block certain locations from subscribing and viewing their content. This sounds vaguely bizarre, until you give

OnlyFans a quick Google. Oh my.

‘How I made $12,000 on OnlyFans by sending pictures of my feet’

‘How I make $30,000 a month on OnlyFans’

‘OnlyFans, the best platform to meet a cyber-sugar daddy’

I decided I needed to know more, so turned to the internet for answers. In my research, one of the first people I came across was Lena The Plug. With 1.7million subscribers on YouTube, I decided her video, ‘How I make money on OnlyFans (tips and tricks)’ would be the most informative, and I was not disappointed. Lena charges $19.99 a month (sometimes she puts it on offer for $9.99 on Valentine’s Day and Christmas) to view her ‘adult content’.

She, in particular, speaks very highly of the ‘special interactions’ function, as it allows her to interact with her fans in a more intimate way, For example, ‘it allowed me to send my dirty underwear to a fan for $50, I just request the address and send their order’, whereas other platforms only boast a subscription fee, with no added interactions.

Intrigued by Lena’s tips and tricks, I ventured over to her Instagram page, which had a cool 3.5 million followers. I was not too surprised to find it full of scantily clad photos, featuring skimpy underwear, tiny little shorts and bikinis. I was however, in awe of her business mentality. Lena The Plug not only has a hugely successful OnlyFans page, she also has official merchandise, her own website, AND is expecting her first child. Is OnlyFans a legitimate career?

It is easy to look down on this income revenue, but was I slightly envious?

I then came across my second, let's call it 'inspirational', woman of the evening. A 19 year old from Texas, who had made over $12,000 by sending photos of her feet to an anonymous benefactor.

I was hungry for more success stories, was I actually considering this? My feet are quite nice...

She described her story, of how she was approached via Twitter, then OnlyFans for videos of her feet, and her dirty old shoes. She detailed how the guy sending her money particularly enjoyed purchasing shoes for her, and having her make videos of the shoes on her dollar worthy feet. She alleged that ‘he never wanted anything sexual, just videos of my feet’.

Over a six month period, she made over $12,000 and was gifted Christian Louboutin heels, and even items off her Amazon wish list. Even a brief search on Youtube will display hundreds of thousands of success stories of ‘how I made XX amount of money on OnlyFans’.

It has become a platform which many adult actresses are preferring to their more traditional outlets. ‘The attention is always on me, and I know what my fans want’, says renown erotic entertainer Honey Gold, who posts regular content on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans has been around since 2016, but recently has blown up over its ‘adult content’ accounts. Has OnlyFans changed the erotica industry forever?

You’ll find me photographing my feet from now on...

Written by: Charlotte Bendkowski

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