From library backdrops, to lighting, we have your next Zoom call covered...

There is no doubt that we are all fed up of the dreaded Zoom calls whilst we try our best to work from home. Whether you have a designated office, or are working from your dining table, here are a few tips and tricks to maintain your professional decorum...

The Backdrop

The setup is everything, and by setup we mean your background. When we were all going into meetings in offices, it used to be how we present ourselves. However, here and behold, now it is how we present ourselves in our homes. Firstly, get rid of the half dead plants, the pile of paperwork you have dealt with and your Net-a-Porter return. No one, I repeat no one wants to see them. Instead, frame yourself in an area that is smart, decluttered and organised. This portrays you as being collected and put together in your home-life, which is something you want to project into your work life. If you have a good background of books neatly organised on your shelves, or even your favourite painting, it looks so much more professional than clutter. And if you don't have the space? Well you can fake it with this library backdrop.


Library Backdrop, £10


The Lighting

Lighting. Oh the importance of lighting. We get it, not everyone has photoshoot level lighting in their home offices, or dining rooms. But that is the beauty of ring lights. Used within the influencer community for makeup selfies, the ring light is famed for lighting you to perfection. Never look quite so tired on a call again with the help of one of these, which helpfully clip on to your laptop.

PR Global Store

Laptop Screen Clip On Ring Light, £31.99



Laptop Conference Light, £39.99


The Outfit

Our advice is to treat your Zoom calls as if you were still in an office sat around a conference table in a meeting. This means, dress smartly (no-one needs to know if you are wearing trackies under the table), as they can, obviously, still see your smart shirt. Make yourself feel presentable, wear a headband, or even some statement earrings, and if you have time apply make up as you would when going into work as normal. As well as looking the part, maintaining some sort of normality in your work routine will hugely help your motivation and is thought to improve your mental health as it mimics the normality you were used to pre-pandemic. We like this option from DAI as they use fabric which mimics comfortable active wear.


Now and Forever Blouse, £225


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