Instagram is hiding likes in a worldwide trial

Have you lost your likes?

You're not the only one.

As you may already know instagram has been hiding likes for some time, this was introduced months ago in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand.

Now this is being trialled worldwide. With countless users taking to Instagram & Twitter to share the news of their hidden likes. Interestingly this is affecting some users in the UK but not everyone. Leading to confusion as to if the trial will spread to all users or not.

The new feature still allows the user to see the total number of people who have liked their posts as well as the names of who has liked them, but it hides the number of likes from public view.

Many have applauded Instagram for taking this action, saying that hiding likes is going to help mental health for users of the app world wide, however influencers have expressed grave concern that it will mean they are unable to make money from their following and engagement, for which showing an amount of likes is still important.

Others have speculated that the app has hidden likes for business purposes, to control the algorithm without having to honour organic content, and thus making more money from brand partnerships.

It seems unlikely that there isn't some business acumen behind the decision.

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