Whoop's wearable technology provide daily personalised fitness, sleep, and recovery data for the best you

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The Whoop 3.0 is a wearable strap that’s taking over the fitness-tech space.

As Whoop gains traction (because why wouldn’t you want to be your best self, everyday?) the fitness, sports, and technology worlds are noticing. In late October Whoop closed $100 Million in Series E financing, giving the company a $1.2 Billion valuation. The plan is to invest the funds in product and software development, as well as global expansion.

'We will continue to make WHOOP the best product experience for measuring and improving health,' said Will Ahmed, WHOOP Founder & CEO. 'Human performance is a new category and WHOOP has emerged as both the pioneer and market leader. We’re proud to partner with IVP and other prominent investors who share our vision.'

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But what exactly is Whoop?

Worn by professional athletes, such a Kate Courtney, the Mountain Bike World Champion, Whoop promises to give serious fitness junkies the competitive advantage. In a time that taking care of ourselves is more important than ever, fitness enthusiasts are looking to new technologies for help.

The Whoop strap is tailored to suit you not only digitally, but fashionably. When purchased, you can design the colour according to your individual style, looking chic as it monitors your analytics 24/7. The strap gathers all data on sleep, fitness, and recovery, delivering the information straight to your mobile app or desktop account.

Along with your membership, you also gain access to the Whoop community. This allows you to connect with friends and like-minded fitness enthusiasts to train together and keep momentum going.

Fitness technology and fashion joined forces when Whoop recently partnered with Tory Burch, in order to improve the lives of the brand's employees. In the initiative 700 employees were given access to Whoop devices.

'Employee health and well-being is a top priority.' Burch explained, 'We are excited to make the Whoop Strap available to our team to help in monitoring and focusing on health and wellness. 2020 has been tough on everyone physically and emotionally and this tool aligns with our commitment to support our team members with wellness initiatives.'

So let’s dive deeper into what Whoop is actually telling you.


As you wear the Whoop strap, it begins to analyse you both day and night. It learns just how much sleep your unique body needs in order to be at your peak performance during the day. This is different for everyone, making this the most personalised fitness device on the market.


Whoop is the first system to track your body’s psychological state, determining your potential for the day ahead.


Based on your recovery and sleep data, Whoop then recommends how much exertion is appropriate for you each day. This allows you to work-out while “listening” to your body, reducing injury and stress.

Whoop 3.0

You can purchase the Whoop device via their website, choosing your strap, accessories, and membership.

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