Is this the world's most high-tech wardrobe?

Want a wardrobe Cher Horowitz herself would envy?

Enter the 'AirDresser,' devised by Samsung, it's purpose is to be a new and efficient method of caring for clothes, keeping them refreshed and revitalised without washing. Think of it as your personal at-home dry cleaner. Samsung claims the device not only prolongs the period between washes, it also puts less stress on fabrics ensuring clothes last for longer.

Launched at the end of January 2020 it’s bursting with features worthy of The Jetsons... such as a bespoke 'Jet Air' system and three 'Air Hangers' that freshen clothes by using powerful blasts of air to loosen and remove dust and odours engrained within the fabric, so no need to get hung up about your clothes gathering dust. Engineers at Samsung have promised "It's so quiet, even a baby can sleep through the whole process."

One of the key features is the attention Samsung have paid to humidity, which can cause huge problems with delicate garments. When the door is open, the AirDresser doubles up as a dehumidifier to help remove moisture from the air, making it easier to keep your clothes protected and smelling fresh. They also have introduced 'HeatPump Drying' which gently dries clothes at low temperature, no more risking your delicates in the dryer, or waiting endlessly for your rain-soaked coat to dry.

You can also pair the high-tech wardrobe with the SmartThings app, which will suggest the best cleaning cycles and store details of your garments.

Currently the AirDresser is being touted at an eye-watering £1,999... so you won't really be saving money on your dry-cleaning but we doubt that will stop it from featuring in the homes of outfit aficionados, vintage clothing collectors and high-end hotels.

The AirDresser will be available on

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