Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Three major architects reimagined neglected parts of the city for Architectural Digest, and this is what they came up with...

A future rendering of Battersea Power Station

The housing crisis in London is hard to ignore, and thus when land becomes derelict, unused or abandoned it quickly becomes prime material for developers. These award-winning architects have won competitions to build new communities and affordable housing in these areas,

Below are three projects that will remake sections of London, giving us a glimpse of the future:

Battersea Power Station | Rafael Viñoly

Rafael Viñoly's plans for the new interior of Battersea Power Station

The Power Station stopped producing electricity in 1983, and since then many architects have proposed plans to revitalize the area, all of which have failed, until now. In these new plans by Rafael Viñoly the chimneys will become observation decks, a glass atrium will make up the top floor, and Apple will turn this space into its London headquarters next year. In addition luxury flats are being built inside the London landmark.

Paddington Square | Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano's plans for Paddington Square

Renzo Piano’s reimagining of Paddington Square might remind you of his previous venture, The Shard. Although it’s not a skyscraper, like The Shard it will also be located at a stations that gets regular foot traffic all day. The design is set to be completed in spring 2022, and the building will consist of two basement levels, two floors of retail at the main entrance, followed by 14 floors of office space in a design thats being touted as a “floating cube.” The cherry on top? A restaurant will take pride of place on the top floor.

The future of Paddington Square

Beechwood Mews | Peter Barber

Beechwood Mews proposed plans by Peter Barber

This site has been sitting derelict for 20 years, and Peter Barber's firm have taken it on with the aim of building affordable housing and dividing it into mews, which will reduce the noise for resident of the street. The new tree lined development will also feature a playground, places for people to sit and gather, and there are future plans for a café and a corner shop. Peter Barber have said the point is “to create opportunities for people to do stuff” in the space.

Beechwood Mews

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