L’Oréal has found a way to connect beauty-tech with positive ways to impact our planet and society...and we’re loving it.

L’Oréal partnered with Viva Technology to launch the Beauty-Tech for Good Challenge, prompting start-ups to “innovate with us for a better future of beauty, our planet, and society”. The company has made it known that they recognise the way the beauty world is moving, being enhanced by digital and technology. Not only is tech important to them though, but also sustainability and “green science”.

The winners of this challenge will begin a 6-month journey in L’Oréal’s incubation program at Station F, the largest start-up campus in the world. They will then automatically be involved in Viva Technology 2021. This opportunity is monumental for start-ups, as they will receive mentoring from top L’Oréal specialists and direct partnerships with L’Oréal brands.

“We at L’Oréal believe that being ahead of the innovation curve comes with great responsibility, and we want tech to be a force for Good and contribute to create and maintain a sustainable, responsible and inclusive digital economy and ecosystem……. We are embracing the growing “Tech for Good” movement, and launching the Beautytech for Good Challenge at VivaTech, on topics of concern for consumers and citizens around the world that require decisive and collective action. “

The winners announced included:


Based in Spain, this company uses AI to grow certified forest projects that users can trace and analyze, combating climate change and our carbon footprint.



A Canadian-based company that supports brands in donating a specific portion of their profits to charity following advertising campaigns.



Founded in Switzerland, the company is on a mission to revolution PET materials. Using room-temperature chemical methods, they are able to transform PET plastic waste into brand new PET plastic.


These three winners were selected from a pool of 115 applicants from over 40 countries. "With their innovative projects in the areas of solidarity advertising, carbon footprint and plastic recycling, WhatRocks, Reforestum and DePoly offer solutions for a more sustainable, responsible and inclusive future," explained Lubomira Rochet, L’Oréal's chief digital officer. "We are delighted to welcome them to our programme at Station F to help them grow and raise their profile, whilst working with L’Oréal brands and our ecosystem."

Read more about the L’Oréal X Viva Technology challenge here.

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