The App 'Covet Fashion' has just partnered with luxury NYC jeweller Stephanie Gottlieb, launching virtual diamonds

“Covet Fashion” is a mobile fashion game that was originally launched in 2013, but is beginning to gain traction almost 8 years later as fashion-tech explodes. When downloaded, you’re able to create a custom avatar who shops, styles, and purchases clothes virtually.

As more fashion obsessed women are beginning to miss their fine jewellery and gala gowns, Covet Fashion has become “virtual retail therapy”. This is much more advanced than simply dressing up your Sims character though, as the mobile game partners with real-life brands to build your dream closet.

Among these brands are Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, Badgley Mischka, and the newest addition, Stephanie Gottlieb. Based in NYC, Gottlieb is a “by appointment, jewellery designer and curator”. Announcing her partnership with Covet Fashion, she explains, “You can now play around with my designs digitally, and build a virtual closet filled with SG jewels!”

Covet Fashion appeared equally as excited for the partnership, stating, “Staying inside doesn’t mean you have to keep your personality inside too….SG knows that’s not about where you’re going, but about how you feel when you wear their exquisite jewellery”.

Stephanie Gottlieb is a worthy addition to virtual dress-up platform, as she is already an established figure in the jewellery space; known for her creative and unique designs. With an impressive Instagram following, the designer uses social media to her advantage. A large number of her wares were sold digitally pre-COVID, but numbers have now sky-rocketed.

With a specific focus on rainbow and bright colours, she has revolutionised the fine jewellery market. When asked about jewellery trends during the pandemic, Stephanie shared,

For me, colour is always uplifting, and I think people are resonating with the bright pops of happiness in their jewellery.”

By joining the Covet Fashion community, Stephanie Gottlieb’s “pop-of-happiness” jewels can now be yours, even when you’re sitting on your couch wearing yoga pants. With over 175 brands available in the game, users are able to style SG jewellery with their favourite clothing items and attend virtual styling challenges, such as cocktail parties, photo shoots, and red carpet fittings.

Ready to dress up in lockdown? The Covet Fashion App can be downloaded via Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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