LG has teamed up with Olivia Palermo on its new upmarket 'Signature' product line

Fashion icon Olivia Palermo, is the new ambassador of LG Electronics’ luxury line of products. The partnership embraces the idea that luxury and refinement should not be reserved solely for clothes and accessories, and interior decor but that technology and appliances can also be part of an elegant lifestyle.

LG Signature is the first ultra-premium range from LG electronics, meant to cater to its most selective clients. The partnership offers access to a lifestyle of uniqueness and exclusivity while blending cutting edge innovative technology with lasting aesthetics and tasteful simplicity.

The South Korean electronics company and Palermo have partnered to promote home-tech devices created based on the brand’s core philosophy of, 'Art Inspires Technology. Technology Completes Art.' Olivia’s refined lifestyle was seen as the perfect pairing to the range of LG Signature products.

The digital campaign is built around four keywords that describe the appliances’ features and the multiple hats that Olivia wears in her daily life, 'Intuitionist, Curator, Expressionist and Multitasker.'

So what are the luxury gadgets Olivia Palermo is promoting?

The Fridge

The line of luxury electronics consists of a refrigerator that fits perfectly in an aesthetically curated kitchen. Thanks to its InstaView feature, the fridge helps you keep track of the products inside without opening the door. A simple knock will do.


W-fi Enabled InstaView Refrigerator, $7,199


The TV

The Oled 8k television, aided by its user-centric properties, intuitively guesses the user’s needs, while 100 million self-lighting pixels come together to portray images in the most vivid colours.

LG Signature

88 Inch OLED TV, $29,999


The Washing Machine

The LG Signature Washing Machine is an appliance that blends beautifully in any decor and transforms a chore into a luxurious experience. It has the ability to take care of two loads simultaneously and also provides 'optimal fabric care.'

LG Signature

TwinWash Washing Machine, $2,579


The Wine Cellar

Perhaps the most exciting element of the brand, the 'star' of the show, is the LG Signature Wine Cellar. Its simple lines and design will not only blend beautifully in any setting but will also keep up to 65 bottles cool and ready for when you want to indulge in a glass of red or white, thanks to the multi-temperature control feature.

LG Signature

InstaView Wine Cellar, $6,999


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