Puma teams up with Central Saint Martins to explore more sustainable technologies in new collection

Launching March 19th at Selfridges, sports company Puma has teamed up with leading design school Central Saint Martins to explore more sustainable technologies in textile manufacturing, the results of which can be seen in their new “Day Zero” collection.

Courtesy: Puma x CSM

Throughout the “Day Zero” collection, Puma has implemented cutting edge dyeing technologies such as “Dope Dye” and digital printing, which reduce the usage of chemicals and water in the manufacturing process. After being tested in the collection with Central Saint Martins, Puma will also be rolling out these technologies in other parts of its product range.

"Dope dyeing" is a process which uses less energy, water and chemicals than conventional wet processing, as one step in the dyeing process is completely eliminated. The alternative of digitally printing logos directly onto the fabric also helps reduce waste and chemicals. With these initiatives, Puma reduced the water consumption in the “Day Zero” collection by up to 17.4%, depending on the type of product.

The name “Day Zero” is inspired by the 2018 water shortages in Cape Town, South Africa, where ongoing droughts forced the local government to set a date, “Day Zero”, when the city’s taps would be turned off. To highlight this link, a map of Cape Town can be seen across the collection, which consists of footwear, apparel and accessories.

Puma also delved into a new way of marketing the collection more sustainably. The campaign images for the “Day Zero” collection (above) were rendered digitally, using the technology of Dutch digital fashion house The Fabricant.

Using cotton from the "Better Cotton Initiative," Puma also significantly reduced the water use in producing the raw materials for the collection. In 2019, Puma saved more than 13 billion liters of water by using this kind of cotton throughout its product range, which is equivalent to 200 million showers.

The “Day Zero” collection will be available at in PUMA stores, PUMA.com and Selfridges on March 19..

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