We speak with Joy Corrigan, model, actress and entrepreneur on the apps she uses on a daily basis and her sustainable, kind to the planet clothing company Naked Species

What was the idea behind your brand ‘Naked Species’?

I really wanted to make a clothing line that I would love to wear and that had a good purpose behind it. A lot of our pieces are unisex and comfortable, edgy street wear. You can find me wearing my boyfriend’s sweatpants and I wanted to make pieces that all genders could wear like I do around the house. And our ultimate purpose for Naked Species is to give back to save the endangered species, which was a must for me. This is why I partnered with Wild Tomorrow Fund, a charity currently in the field making a difference.

Once I realised the amount of species going extinct every day, which according to the United Nations that is around 1 million plants and animals within decade, I had to use my voice to bring awareness. I always had a love and passion for animals, and I hope I can make a difference.

What is the first app you open when you wake up and why?

The first app I open in the morning is my Oura ring app, to see the quality of my sleep. I love the Oura ring because it checks my heart rate, temperature, and it checks rem sleep, deep sleep and total sleep. Sleep is very important to me and I’ve been focusing more than ever on perfecting my sleep hygiene.


Heritage Ring Gold, £269


Do you use any fitness apps? Which is your favourite?

I love the Alo moves app. With his app, I can practice Alo anywhere. I love to practice yoga and stretching in my living room, one of my favourite classes is the new moon flow class.


Alo Moves App


Which is your favourite food app, whether it be for recipes, ordering food, planning grocery shops or meals?

I love Doordash, I order multiple times a week; green juice, smoothies and salads from my favourite restaurants near by.

Which is your favourite social media app?

Instagram, for sure! Best way to keep up with the latest fashion trends and stay in touch with my friends and loyal followers.

What app can you not live without?

WhatsApp and Zoom! As it allows me to keep in touch with my large family of six brothers and 3 sisters who live all over the world. I always look forward to our weekly family video calls.

Which app do you love to hate?

I love to hate TikTok because I spend way too much time watching and posting videos that are absolutely ridiculous and silly.

Do you use any health apps?

Yes, I use Flo to track my monthly cycle and I also love to add in when I get headaches, to see if it has to do with my hormones.


Period Tracker App


What is your favourite emoji?

The most used emojis are: The rhino, the kissy face and the fire.

🦏 😘 🔥

Do you have your apps organised in folders by categories, or is it a free for all?

It’s pretty much like my life, a complete mess, I’m always trying to clean up!

Do you use any meditation apps?

I love the Calm app; I love their nighttime stories narrated by famous actors. I use it before I go to bed.


Meditation and Sleep App


What app would you create if you could?

I would love to create an app that would dress me in the morning exactly like the computer Cher has in the movie Clueless. So I can see which pieces clash or match the best.

Why is it important for you to give back to endangered species?

I grew up on a farm in a small town in North Carolina, we had many animals such as lama, horses, goats, chickens and rabbits. And we were surrounded by fields, nature, and crop. With that being said, I’ve always had a passion for preserving and saving these beautiful endangered species of the world. With that passion, it is very important to me to use my voice and platform to bring awareness and give back.

How do you go about your design process?

I find inspiration on the animals that are the most critically endangered such as the rhino, so I chose to place it on the iconic Naked Species hoodie. I created an edgy photo of two rhino’s procreating to stand out and make a statement which I find ironic because it is the polar opposite of extinction. This is one of our best sellers because I feel our customers like to push the envelop and become part of the greater cause.

I was lucky enough to attend your event in The Hamptons last summer with wildlife photographer David Yarrow. Do you plan to collaborate with more artists?

Yes, I would love to collaborate with more incredible artists and people who share the same vision as I do. David Yarrow has always been an idol of mine, and I hope to continue to collaborate with him as well. I am always looking to work with incredible talent, stay tuned for future collaboration.

Naked Species

Unisex Logo Windbreaker, £60


What is next for Naked Species and Joy Corrigan?

We are about to launch our Naked Species face masks, and I’m designing cool edgy pieces every day. So stay tuned for NS latest drops. As for me, I’m auditioning for some cool roles and so you will see me in more movies in the cinema soon. I’m also working on awesome projects in the Middle East and Asia for 2021.


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