We speak to Roxie Nafousi, the British-Iraqi manifesting expert, and founder of The Moments That Made Us podcast, on her daily app usage, and top beauty gadgets.

Written by Charlotte Bendkowski


What is the first app you open when you wake up and why?

I am afraid to say it’s Instagram, I always go and check my DMs because I seem to message most of my friends on there now plus I love connecting with my audience and reading their messages too.

Do you use any fitness apps? Which is your favourite?

I actually just use the Health app on my iPhone (I am obsessed with tracking my steps) and the workout app on the Apple watch which is perfect for me for measuring my heart-rate, calories burned and distances during my workouts. I would actually never have started running if it wasn’t for my Apple watch!

Series 5 Apple Watch



Which is your favourite food app, whether it be for recipes, ordering food, or planning grocery shops and meals?

I love the JS Health app because they have so many good, easy, healthy recipes on there and they’re so easy to follow!

Which is your favourite social media app?

Instagram of course!!

How do you practise mental wellbeing when it comes to social media?

I am mindful of when I use it; if I am feeling stressed or a bit insecure one day, I stay away from it because I know it will make me feel worse. But when I’m feeling good I know it will make me feel inspired and I love being able to connect with others. I also make sure that I take proper breaks from it every day so I don’t aimlessly scroll.

What app can you not live without?

Canva! Oh my goodness, it’s the best app for creating any imagery, branding, quotes. I use it for everything to do with my business. I love it!

What are your top 3 beauty gadgets?

My Current Body LED Mask, NuFace mini facial toning device, and my ION-Sei toothbrush because it’s the chicest electric toothbrush ever!

Led Mask



NuFace Mini Facial Toner



ION-Sei Sonic Electric Toothbrush



Which app do you love to hate?

Amazon, I find myself buying things I really don’t need because its just so easy and quick to purchase!

Do you use any health apps? Pregnancy/period tracker? Step counter?

Well I use the Health app for my steps but also as a period tracker, I find it so helpful to know when I’m due on because then I can prepare for PMS!

What is your favourite emoji?

It’s got the be the cry laugh face 😂

Do you have your apps organised in folders by categories, or is it a free for all?


Do you use any meditation/sleep sound apps? Which ones?

I’ve used Calm for years, I really love it. And also ThinkUp is amazing for creating your own affirmation playlists where you record your own voice playing affirmations.

What app would you create if you could?

An app that helped me to delete my thousands of pictures that I really don’t need and that takes up all my phones storage memory!

Tell us about your podcast, and what prompted it?

It’s called The Moments that Made Me and I ask guests to tell me their 3 defining moments that got them to where they are. I wanted to remind people that life is full of unexpected surprised and remember that anything can happen at any moment. I wanted that to inspire people and remind them that every experience in life, especially the challenging ones, is an opportunity to learn and to grow. Isn't that a beautiful thing?

Finally, what is the secret to self growth?

Consistent commitment to healing and to evolving.


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