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The ‘smartest’ baby gear to upgrade your nursery

Even for those who aren’t yet considering having a baby, baby-tech will alert your parental clock.

Years ago, baby-tech was considered a niche market that few investors understood or wanted to get into. Today, for a generation noting everything from their calories to their steps and their daily water intake via an app, tracking a child’s health and sleeping patterns, or even breathing seems the most natural next step.

Courtesy: Nanit

But what exactly is baby-tech? If you Google it, baby-tech is baby gear enhanced by technology, from high-tech cribs to monitoring apps that provide data feedback to your smartphone. If you ask a parent, baby-tech is probably now synonymous with peace of mind.

Courtesy: Owlet

And while nobody can assure you parenting will become any easier, technology can at least take some of the burdens off your mind. If you are either a tech-loving parent or you simply want to enjoy and not stress about every moment with your little one, baby-tech can be the solution to the non-sunny side of parenting.

We put together a list of the smartest and coolest baby gadgets on the market...

The Monitor

Besides baby strollers, baby monitors have benefited the most from the latest innovations in tech. So far our favourite is the Nanit Video Monitor, the device offers a bird’s-eye perspective, letting you observe every corner of your baby’s crib even in pitch black. By downloading the Nanit App you can rewatch a time-lapse of your baby’s night, get sleep coaching from the world’s leading pediatric sleep experts, and you can even ask Alexa how your baby slept at night. And there’s more to it... The Nanit Breathing Wear reads the custom-designed pattern on the fabric to detect your baby’s breathing motion. No sensors or add-ons required. Nanit will always keep an eye on your baby on your behalf.


Nanit Plus, £299


The High-Tech Crib

If you ever wondered how royal babies are raised, well, Snoo is the answer. Invented by paediatrician Dr Harvery Karp, author of Happiest Baby on the Block – the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite read for bringing up babies, it is designed to mimic the womb with mild vibrations. The responsive bassinet uses tech to respond to baby’s cries with gentle rocking, while being the world’s first bed to prevent accidental rolling over! Accordingly, just like every other new to the market gadget, the Snoo links up to your phone via an app so you can watch and record your child’s sleep patterns and discover useful tips from Dr. Harvey Karp himself.


Smart Sleeper Cot, £1,145


A Wireless Hands-Free Breast Pump

The wearing period of breastfeeding couldn’t miss a ‘smart’ upgrade, and we are positive every mother is more than grateful for that. The Willow is a wearable, wireless breast pump designed for the mother’s comfort and for every newborn’s demand: more milk. Its smart technology senses letdown and switches from stimulation to expression without spilling a drop. Everything works inside your bra, giving you the freedom to pump on the go, feeling more productive while pumping. Plus, Willow is the only device of its kind that gives you the flexibility to pump directly into spill-proof storage bags. It’s easy to assemble, dishwasher safe, tracking milk volume, pump time and past sessions on the connected app.


Wearable Breast Pump Generation 3



A high-tech… Sock

From all the things you didn’t expect could get a tech upgrade, a sock should be removed from that list. The Owlet is an award-winning Smart Sock, capable of tracking your baby’s heartbeat and oxygen level when your little one is sound asleep. Its sensors sent signals directly to your phone, alerting you in case the readings are off.

It also connects to a base for your bedside that turns red and sounds an alarm when you have to rush back on parenting duty, even if your phone is off. Who could have thought a sock could ever make you feel that peaceful!


Smart Sock V3, £279


The Bouncer

The “talk of the town” among high-tech baby gadgets, mamaRoo bouncer is the second-best thing to comfort a baby, right after a parent’s hug. Its safety seat is designed to simulate human movements, swinging to the rhythm of five emotions - a car ride, a tree swing, a gentle wave, or the bounce of a parent’s arms. Plus, it is easily adjustable via a Bluetooth device or a toe tap, allowing you to control the motion, sound, speed, and volume without disturbing the baby.


4 Bouncer, £299.99


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