Swipe right and left on your favourite clothing items, because that new leather jacket is the only love you need.

“The Yes'' is an App that provides a personalised shopping experience, prompting you to swipe left and right on clothing. This allows the program to get to know your personal style and curate its selections for you and only you through artificial intelligence. Do you get that same type of commitment from Hinge? Probably not.

Launched in May 2020, “The Yes” came at the perfect time. As the retail world was crashing due to the pandemic, people were also becoming incredibly bored in quarantine. What a better time to introduce an addicting online shopping App than when everyone is already on their phone all day? After learning your personal style, “The Yes” then sends you personal recommendations daily from your favourite brands. Again...are you getting daily texts from your other “swipe rights”....?

“The Yes” was founded by former COO of Stitch Fix, Julie Bornstein and Google Alum, Amit Aggarwal. Both experts in the fashion and technology sectors, they created a personalised shopping experience using newly-minted algorithms to tailor your preferences based simply on “yes” and “no” answers. As the user creates an account and begins their journey, they may be asked questions such as “would you wear this suede skirt?”. Based on the answer, new questions and shopping options immediately become available.

Similar to a dating app, the more you engage (date) within the App, the better it begins to know you. As you continue to answer and swipe yes/no, your shopping items become more and more personalised. The flame never dies out though, as your page constantly features new brands for you to discover, as well as “pop quizzes” that are incredibly intriguing.

“The Yes” has around 150 brands on their platform, including Ralph Lauren, Prada, Staud, and Frame. The App is able to feature a wide variety of brands due to the way they’ve structured their payment model. When a sale is made on the platform, the brands pay a percentage of commission to “The Yes”. No other fees are associated, allowing both high-end and up-and-coming designers to be featured equally.

Featured in press outlets such as Vogue, Town and Country, and TechCrunch, “The Yes” is rapidly gaining popularity in both the fashion and technology realms. TechCrunch describes why this new platform is monumental, stating “AI and machine learning already dominate in many verticals, but e-commerce is still open for a player to have a meaningful impact.”

Founder Julie Bornstein was on a mission to combine her knowledge of shopping personalisation gained from Stitch Fix with her e-commerce experience gained from her former role at Nordstrom. “To be a shopper online these days you really have to be a pro…..There are so many sites, so many brands, and it’s just completely overwhelming. It’s also a one-size-fits-all approach, and the truth is, every time you go to shop, even on sites you’re loyal to, you have to look through tons of crap that’s not relevant to you no matter how many times you’ve been there.”

Ready to swipe right and left and find your real true love (Jimmy Choos)? “The Yes” can be downloaded via the App Store. Happy swiping.

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