Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Photographed by: Condry Calvin Mlilo

Makeup by: Jasmine Lasota

Interior by: Sabrina Durant

While we are used to seeing inside the wardrobes, bathroom cupboards and shoe closets of the women we admire, we rarely get to see their desks. "The Deskie" is a series of interviews intended celebrate the most important domains of the modern woman, the desk. This lectern is often littered with design details, personal effects and is the one piece of furniture that truly encapsulates our working life. To start us off on this journey we have stylist, designer and entrepreneur Yasmin Senah, the co-founder of start-up LookCard.

Photographed by: Condry Calvin Mlilo

Her company creates opportunities and resources for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs by delivering fashion business intelligence and disruptive technologies through our tailored services & fashion tech meet-ups. Consider us impressed.

As if that wasn't enough to fill her busy schedule, the Covid-19 pandemic led her to launch a new company, Digi-Style HQ, which helps small businesses offer smart shopping services digitally.

While we asked her about her desk space, work-life balance she also gave us sound advice for dealing with stress in the fast moving fashion-tech space...

How do you stay motivated while working from home?

I find the earlier I start my day the more creative I become, which leads to productivity and motivation, and also surrounding myself with people who are driven. But in all honesty its a constant investment to stay motivated. I work with my husband so we work from home together which was really hard at the beginning because we have different ways of working. I like music while working and he likes silence. So we had to learn to compromise. Now I think its great because we bounce off each other.

What are the three things you always have on your desk?

My notepad for doodles and ideas, my smartphone and a tea pot for an English breakfast first thing in the morning.

Photographed by: Condry Calvin Mlilo

What is the best career advice you have received?

To always remember your purpose, why you do what you do.

Tell us a bit about your start-ups... how did you get the idea for Digi-Style HQ?

So I co-founded LookCard 3years ago, a fashion technology company with my husband whereby we provide digital solutions for emerging designers and fashion creatives helping them better understand their customer needs. We hosted many events in the heart of London building a community between the fashion and tech industry. My background is fashion design, I studied at the university of creative arts in London and went on to styling clients in the entertainment industry from personal styling to editorial. From working with different clients I started to see the challenges that today’s shoppers face when trying to find their perfect product, size and fit.

When Covid-19 hit I saw that shoppers where still purchasing but many brands were not digitally prepared and this is when I decided to launch Digi-Style HQ to fill the missing link between the customer & the brand. Digi-Style HQ empowers every man and woman around the world to look and feel great by giving them a free personal shopper instantly at their fingertips making luxury shopping accessible to all. Digi-Style HQs mission goes further than the typical transactional goal, we want to take the customer on a journey with the brand through story telling.

What are the biggest challenges for women working in tech?

The biggest challenge I found when starting my business was getting that work life balance because when you are starting up you have to wear many hats in the business, which means you are juggling a lot of tasks most of the time. Until I came to the realisation that you can not separate work and life, but instead I have had to design my life so that I can embrace them both. 

Photographed by: Condry Calvin Mlilo

What is the perfect office outfit?

An oversize white T-shirt always! Paired with culottes or bootcut pants. I also love a shirt dress or loose fit dress.

How do you deal with work stress?

I meditate a lot and always present my obstacles through prayer. But I think its also how you look at the issues that can lead you to feeling stressed, we have the power to set obstacles or turn them into opportunities.

What are your 5 favourite apps on your phone?

Instagram for social

Pinterest for inspiration

Notion for organisation

Canva for creativity

Daisie for networking

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