Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The five most Instagrammed food of all time...

It goes without saying that thanks to Instagram, food photography has become more popular than ever before. It's not a secret that we all love to take photos of our food, whether its to show off that we are at the city's trendy new jaunt, or to surprise our followers with our culinary skills... In case you need some inspiration to liven up your feed, here's a closer look at the most Instagrammed food ever so far.

Photo: Gabrielle Caunesil

When we come to think of food on Instagram, the first thing that comes to mind is models eating pasta, coffee, pretty breakfasts, and of course avocado-anything so you'd assume they'd be top of the list... but apparently we are wrong. The ranking is somewhat surprising, with the fashionable smashed-avo-on-toast nowhere to be seen. 

Thanks to a study conducted by food delivery service Gousto, the highest ranked food was discovered by searching through over 150 million hashtags on Instagram, and ranking 353 dishes from all around the world, based on how many hashtags it has.

The results are staggering.

5) Macarons

Coming in at fifth place is macarons. The delicate, pastel coloured French delicacy has become easier to access thanks to the likes of Laduree, Pierre Herme and Paul Patisserie. With over 5,000,000 pretty pictures of this cream filled mouthful of sweetness posted round the world, it is the only desert on the list of most Instagrammed food. 

As well as being in 5th position of most Instagrammed food on the planet, macarons are actually Europe’s most Instagrammed food.

4) Steak

In fourth place is steak. Arguably, the most "photogenic" meat. With over 10,200,000 committed cow connoisseurs universally, memo-ing their best meals.

3) Sushi

Third up, we have sushi, which is no surprise, given its stylish presentation and health benefits. According to Instagram, there are over 23,600,000 photos posted by sushi enthusiasts globally.

2) Hamburgers

In second place came hamburgers, with 35,000,000 devoted meat-in-bun lovers posting it all around the world.

1) Pizza

In first place, we have the beloved pizza, with over 37,000,000 posts dedicated to pizza globally. 

Surprisingly, most of the food that grosses the highest on Instagram, in terms of photography, are not healthy. Most of the foods featured in this list are not what you would typically consider good for you, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Are you surprised by the list?

Written by: Charlotte Bendkowski


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