The UK is set to introduce a new law to ban photoshop.

Written by: Rita Kastrati


A new law is being proposed to the UK government that would mean every altered image on social media must be labelled explicitly. 

Earlier this year Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ revealed that US pre-teen girl suicides have skyrocketed up 150%, and a leading reason is the increased use of unrealistic images on social media.

Source: Netflix

Backbench MP and GP Dr Luke Evans agrees with this, he explained social media creates a ‘warped view of beauty’. He believes the standards set online are ‘fuelling a mental health crisis’ across all ages. Dr Evans has played a major part in setting up the bill forcing companies and individuals to clearly state when they have altered an image. 

Pre-teen suicides have skyrocketed up 150%

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are notorious for their use of photoshop and other such apps to alter their pictures online. The most recent example being of Khloe Kardashian in mid-August; fans compared her latest Instagram post against her appearance on KUWTK. The images were markedly different, with critics saying the results were like looking at two different people. 

Kim Kardashian has also been caught out not just photoshopping herself but photoshopping her daughters. It was alleged that North was photoshopped to appear thinner in her mother's Bali holiday snaps. Chicago’s baby pictures have also allegedly been altered; this was spotted by Kim’s fans on a photo that was a repost of Kylie’s picture which was untouched.

Reality star Lauren Goodger has also been accused of prolific photoshopping, not just on her own recent pictures, but even on those of her as a child. In July she posted a photo of her as a flower girl at a wedding, where she appeared to have altered her own face and hair as well as her dad’s. 

Source: Instagram

However, it's not just celebrities or big-time influencers who are using such apps. One of the most popular apps on the App Store is Facetune, with over 60 million downloads, the percentage of authentic posts online is thought to be miniscule. This app can reshape your entire body, whiten your teeth and smooth out skin from wrinkles to acne.

This new law could be detrimental to influencers and companies. When companies cannot claim their product lifts lashes to 5x more than the next brand, without stamping their pictures as edited, its thought they could lose customer confidence.

The fake bubble of social media is about to burst.

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