Written by: Charlotte Bendkowski

Banana bread, face masks, and the strawberry dress. What do they all have in common?

They became the most photographed items during lockdown.

Within the blogging community, there have always been a few key items which get photographed each season, and as a result become sold out worldwide due to the success of influencer outreach. Springing to mind are Zara dresses, most recently a Zara polka dot skirt, the white Jacquemus shirt dress loved by influencers everywhere, and a few years ago it was the green pilgrim-esque Topshop dress which every blogger adored and reposted until we were so sick of seeing it that we just bought it.

Fast forward to the 2020 lockdown, and a dress featuring a plunging neckline, made out of an embellished tulle fabric, decorated with strawberry motifs, has captured the heart of internet. The dress, which was first released by designer Lirika Matoshi in July 2019, has acted as fairy-tale escapism for those of us fed up of donning sweats. Fitting with the zeitgeist of 2020, the designer has recently created a matching strawberry face mask to match.

So far the hashtag #strawberrydress has over 9,000 posts on Instagram, with an impressive amount of fan art dedicated to the fruity dress. It has caught the eye of illustrators and artists alike, resulting in the original designer Lirika Matoshi proudly reposting the fan art on her account.

The strawberry dress has been touted by many prominent online personalities, such as Marzia Kjellberg who posted the dress to her Instagram feed and received over 900,000 likes, gaining the small business huge exposure online. The dress has even been featured in a popular internet meme, and been recreated on the newest unexpected popular high fashion platform, Animal Crossing.

The New York based designer has a very unique, girly take on her feminine, kitsch designs. Their line features a knitted cloud print jumper, a rainbow heart mini dress, and a rage of tulle pom-pom adorned mini and maxi dresses. The designs are magical, and just scrolling through their Instagram allows you to be transported to a world full of colour and style, it is a feeling which many of us are searching for, if even for a few minutes, amidst the current worldwide gloom. Its popularity has even been noticed by retail giants Wish, YesStyle, and Amazon, who have all featured replicas of the dress on their sites.

It is for that very reason, the strawberry dress has gone viral, and taken over the feeds of many. It is escapism, in a time when we need a bit of uplifting colour in our lives.

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