The reason why Uber has lost its licence to operate in London

Uber has been stripped of its licence to operate in London by the TfL after authorities discovered that more than 14,000 trips on the app were taken with uninsured drivers.

Transport for London have thus ruled that Uber does not meet the set requirements for private taxi hire operators, and have taken the steps in order to ensure it doesn't extend its licence beyond midnight tonight.

A spokesman for TfL said "several breaches that placed passengers and their safety at risk" were identified. They explained “Despite addressing some of these issues, TfL does not have confidence that similar issues will not reoccur in the future, which has led it to conclude that the company is not fit and proper at this time.”

In September Uber were given a two-month probationary extension, where the company was told it was required to address issues with checks on drivers, insurance and safety, however not all of these demands were met.

You might remember the first time the TfL rejected Uber’s licence, back in September 2017, in that instance the company managed to convince judges to grant it a 15-month licence in order to continue business and make necessary changes.

Despie this decision being taken, its unlikely you will be seeing Ubers disappear from London anytime soon, the company is expected to dispute the liscence again within the 21 days appeal time, and is allowed to operate in the interim period.

The decision is unlikely to spell the end for Uber in London, as the firm is expected to appeal, and can continue operating pending the outcome, provided it launches official proceedings within 21 days.

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