Updated: Jun 15, 2020

YouTube blamed the abrupt removal of a live-streamed women's sex tech conference on its algorithm and lack of human oversight.

After just four minutes the conference, called Women of Sex Tech, was banned mid-live feed. According to the Daily Dot, the broadcast was cut short as it allegedly violated the platform's community guidelines. 

YouTube said the disruption was caused by the platform's increased reliance on their algorithm, which is purported to automatically block content that breaks YouTube's guidelines. According to a spokesperson from the platform, "The reliance on auto-moderation has been driven by a lack of human moderators due to constraints brought on by an ongoing the coronavirus pandemic."

The conference, which was forced to move online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, aims to be an inclusive community of sex-positive women changing the sex tech industry.

Women of Sex Tech president Alison Falk told Motherboard, 'I was so confused, I thought it had to be a glitch considering there was no mention of sex or adult content at that time.'

According to their website the theme of this year's conference was designed, "To raise awareness and demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 on the intersection of human sexuality and technology."

This isn't the first time YouTube has been called out for over-zealous censorship, a study in 2019 found that YouTube's moderation bots punish videos tagged as ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian,’ according to The Verge.

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