Our contributor Charlotte extolls the virtues of high-tech toothbrushes

I have never been one to be into electric toothbrushes, I've always just picked up whichever pink brush I found in the supermarket, but following a recent trip to the hygienist, which sparked a 5-course-Michelin-star-meal priced toothbrush purchase, I decided to delve deeper into the world of oral hygiene and how tech is giving us the cleanest mouths ever.

Photo : Oral B

We all rejoice in the feeling of our teeth after a hygienist appointment, but what if you could get that feeling every day when you brush your teeth? Well, thanks to these five state of the art toothbrushes now you can...

1. The Oral B I-O

With 11 different brush settings, from super sensitive to gum care and even a whitening brush setting, there is something for absolutely everyone. The I-O is Equipped with 'teeth mapping', this clever brush links to an app that maps as you brush around your teeth, onto a virtual reality layout of your jaw on your phone. The app times your brush, gives you a brush score, and even reminds you to floss, use mouthwash, and when your brush head should be changed. This is the first of its kind, and Oral B have topped the market with this model. Available in 3 different colours, and coming with a travel case, get the dentist clean feel at home with every brush.

Oral B

I-0 Series 9, £250


2. The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean

With 4 modes (clean, white+, gum health, deep clean+) and 3 intensity settings, gum pressure sensor and a app that connects, the Philips Sonicare delivers 62,000 movements per minute as it gentle pulses water between the teeth. Complete with a travel case and a 14-week battery life, its the ultimate cleaning experience. Available in black, pink, and white with rose gold, have the stylish, yet functional toothbrush sitting proud by your sink.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean

From £94


3. Foreo Issa 2

It looks a little naughty, but its a toothbrush we promise. The Foreo ISSA 2 uses sonic pulse technology with 16 adjustable cleansing modes and 11,000 high intensity pulsations per minute to expertly remove stains, plaque and tartar build up. The brush head combines inner PBT polymer bristles to help sweep away plaque and prevent cavities, while the outer silicone bristles gently massage the gums to reduce damage to tooth enamel. Lightweight and waterproof, the rechargeable toothbrush boasts a built in timer for exceptional cleaning control and a USB port for easy charging on the go. From one charge, the brush can last 365 days, making it sleek and functional.


Issa Toothbrush, £149


4. The Spotlight Sonic Brush

This brush is gentle and effective in removing plaque and discolouration, with a 2 minute self timer, 3 speed settings, long lasting battery and 3 brush heads, its a smoother, more gentle way to brush from the dental duo taking over Instagram at Spotlight Oral Care.

Spotlight Oral Care

Sonic Toothbrush, £110


5. Ordo Sonic Toothbrush

Expertly engineered to remove more plaque than a manual toothbrush, helping to keep your teeth stronger, whiter and healthier. With a smart 2 minute timer with quad-pacer, it pulses every 30 seconds to assist in cleaning the 4 quadrants of your mouth. 4 brushing modes for bespoke oral care needs: Clean, White, Massage and Sensitive. At the more purse friendly end of this roundup.


Sonic Toothbrush, £49


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