If you’re looking for an escape from your WFH setting, this is the answer.

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Supernatural is a breakthrough fitness-tech company that combines virtual reality with fitness goals. Unlike other fitness platforms that bring the instructors into your computer or smart phone, this new technology transports you. Want to hike in the mountains? Maybe climb trees in the rainforest? What about dodge craters on Mars? Supernatural allows you to do all those things and more.

So what is Supernatural?

Supernatural is the first fitness app that offers the full package for VR. While wearing the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset, you’re immersed in a full-body, high-intensity workout. During these cardio sessions, you also are working face to face with a real-world trainer. The program is updated with new workouts daily, so you never have to visit the same planet twice (because that’s just too boring).

Courtesy: Supernatural

During quarantine, we’re all craving new adventures. Supernatural allows you to get fit while exploring mind-blowing destinations, which sounds like a win-win. Not only does the VR fitness program take you to picture-perfect landscapes, but it also provides incredible entertainment for your ears. The app is loaded with upbeat music to match each cardio-based workout and is constantly updated to bring you the hits.

Not only does Supernatural promote fitness, some users are also saying that the VR workout has helped their mental health. While 'escaping' their current reality, Supernatural has allowed individuals to 'get-away' for a bit and have fun. Not to mention the endorphins that are boosting your mood simultaneously.

Courtesy: Supernatural

As most fitness-tech programs are subscription-based, Supernatural is no different there. You first must have an Oculus Quest VR headset to access the program, as well as two handheld controllers. Remember the workouts for the Wii gaming system? This is that but a million times more advanced. After the equipment is secured, the Supernatural program hosts a free trial, leading to a monthly subscription of about $17 per month. The VR workout is also paired with a companion app, allowing you to track your statistics, schedule your workouts, and even compete with friends.

This seems to be the perfect answer for those who are stuck in a pandemic workout rut. We can only do so many Instagram live workouts right? If you're thinking of joining the Supernatural community, it’s important to note that the Oculus Quest isn’t just for fitness. The VR headset can access many other apps and features besides workout programs. This is something to consider before making the purchase... so are you the type of person who is intrigued by technology (the answer is probably yes if you are on this site) and would dive into VR? Or are you satisfied with your Peloton bike and possibly not looking for any more equipment? Supernatural may be the answer for the ultimate tech enthusiast, but of course VR isn't for everyone.

Founders Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin say the idea behind Supernatural was sparked when they noticed themselves having 'dad-bods'... without actually being dads. They knew an answer had to be out there without joining a gym and going through the mundane workouts that everyone knows too well.

“We would watch people come out of the interactive VR music videos we were making, laughing and dripping in sweat," Chris explained, "We thought maybe there was a solution here in VR”.

Speaking from experience, gaming systems have caused us to sweat more than we’d like to admit (looking at you Mario Kart), so the idea of getting so immersed in a virtual world that it becomes a workout is not far off.

Courtesy: Supernatural

Ready to be Supernatural? After purchasing an Oculus Quest, you can start your free trial via their website.

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