The increasing importance of face shields as personal protection equipment can not be ignored.

Face shields help protect from particles, spray and splashes in the workplace, shops or outdoors, but the standard shields and face masks that have come on the market since the pandemic are uncomfortable and make social interaction difficult.

Source: Vue Shield

Designer Joe Doucet explains he designed Vue Shield to create a face shield that, "people would actually want to wear rather than simply put up with." The Vue Shield has an integrated sunglass design option and arms that make them more practical and feel less alien and intrusive on the wearer.

Vue Shield

Women's Sunglasses Shield, $39


The design is further enhanced with features including all-over UVA and UVB with protection up to SPF50. It also boasts an anti-fog coating and blue-light protection, which shields the wearer from blue-light overexposure that occurs from constantly using our smartphones. It's also reusable, unlike a traditional face mask.

Doucet currently holds numerous patents for his designs and inventions. He has received numerous international awards, including a World Technology Award for Design Innovation. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design, Doucet quickly began exporting his vision into product, furniture, environment, and technology to find solutions for daily and societal challenges through design.

The Brand's intention is that their designs will encourage far greater uptake of face shields and help everyone adjust to the "new normal" that awaits us.

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