These are the 15 most popular flowers on Instagram

As spring approaches and plants start to bloom, its clear that snaps of flowers are one of the most common things to find on your feed. From sunflowers to tulips their natural beauty can light up even the dullest gram.

But which flower is the most popular? Luxury garden furniture company took to Instagram to discover the most ‘Instagrammable’ flower, by accumulating the number of hashtags per flower to discover which one claims first place.

The number of hashtags per flower was:

Roses - 28,016,428

Cherry Blossoms - 8,889,756

Tulips - 6,390,691

Orchid - 6,352,846

Lavender - 5,182,333

Sunflowers - 3,508,421

Hydrangea - 3,146,796

Peonies - 2,473,804

Hibiscus - 2,092,696

Dahlia - 1,775,058

Daffodils - 1,255,324

Poppies - 1,179,250

Daisies - 1,036,080

Lilies - 996,445

Ranunculus - 621,854

Roses were crowned the most insta-famous flowers of them all, racking in a whopping 28,016,428 hashtags (over triple the amount of shares any other flower received). Roses claiming the number one spot, comes as little surprise - their universally recognised meaning as a symbol of love made it pretty obvious why they clinched it.

Cherry blossoms claimed second place in the top 15. The striking displays of iconic cherry blossom thrive and grow throughout spring – so you can be confident to see more of these on your screens in the following months.

Tulips came in third place with just under 7 million photos being added to the ‘gram’- with these numbers likely to increase as they start to bloom around the UK. They were closely followed by Orchids, gaining 6,352,846 hashtags.

Dahlia, daffodils, poppies and daisies each received over a million hashtags on Instagram.

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