Updated: Jun 15, 2020

As the country eases up on travel restrictions, many are returning to work, but are left feeling uneasy about how to stay healthy and safe in shared spaces.

Travel brand Monos’ has just introduced the CleanPod, a gadget that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and other pathogens on frequently touched surfaces. A timely solution for germs, which have become a prevalent concern during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Courtesy: Monos

The device itself contains no mercury and takes no time to warm-up. To use it simply sweep the CleanPod over the surface you want to sanitize for at least 30 seconds, and the high-energy beam of UVC light goes to work on the invisible pathogens lurking on objects you touch at home or outside. The device is precisely engineered to output UVC light at peak wavelengths. (Bye, bye bacteria.)

It also features a safety lock and 3-minute auto shut-off to ensure it does not get into the hands of little ones, or stay turned on for an extended period.

How the CleanPod works

As its rechargeable and weighs less than 1 pound it can be taken with you in your handbag, backpack or luggage, which the brand believes makes it ideal for travelling with. It can also easily be stored in the office and used on doorknobs, cabinet handles and other non-porous surfaces.

Courtesy: Monos

Monos isn't the only company capitalising on our fear of germs in the workplace following the pandemic, other companies such as Casetify have produced a device which uses UVC light to eliminate bacteria from mobile phones and Dyson has recently marketed its 'Air Purifier' as an office-desk necessity.

Are we seeing the start of a breeding ground for a new wave of germicidal tech?

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