Ninu has launched a 'smart perfume' device, powered by AI

For those of us who like to change our fragrance on a daily basis, Ninu's clever gadget allows you to have hundreds of scents in your handbag, in just one revolutionary bottle.

A fusion of beauty and technology, Ninu is the latest breakthrough in scents. The rechargeable device launched at CES 2021 and will save you the endless hours of wandering into a perfume shop, wondering which scent to choose. But Ninu's perks go beyond its convenience factor. Ninu uses their Artificial Intelligence powered app to help you figure out or even tailor your very own scent.

Finding the right scent for you is like finding your personal signature, and now AI is the latest ally to help create your custom-made fragrance for every occasion. With Ninu, the first smart perfume in the world, you can be anyone. One bottle. Endless variations. The perfect scent for every moment," A statement from the company explained, "Change of season? Travelling? Unexpected date? No problem — just switch between fragrances within the app. It’s that easy."

So how does it work?

Ninu houses three different fragrances created with 100% vegan, and sustainably sourced ingredients. The smart device is shaped into a cylindrical container that holds three cartridges, covering three foundational categories of scents. (Very similar to YSL's Perso lipstick device which also made its debut at CES this year.) Through the app, the user is capable of adjusting each fragrance’s level with only a few clicks, thereby allowing you to create a new perfume for any occasion based on your preference that day.

Within the app, you can easily switch between the choices and create personalised perfume combinations, tailored to your preferences. The app will also allow the user to record how it felt wearing a certain scent, on an effort to learn more about themselves, as scent can affect mood, stress levels, sleep and self-confidence.

Its electronic 'micro-precision extracting system' has over a million fragrance combinations to choose from, guided by Ninu's very own virtual assistant - Pierre, the perfume master. Besides Siri and Alexa, Pierre joins the AI world to curate your personal scented experience, notify you when you’re running low on stock and to make sure the user takes full advantage of the Ninu app.

What else do you need to know?

The smart perfume also offers smart cologne for men and presents itself as an earth-friendly essential, committed to reducing the packaging waste that the cosmetics industry generates every year. Towards to the achievement of its sustainable goal, the company offers a variety of eco-friendly alternatives, including natural ink on packaging cartons, having a cartridge refill system, and using perfume bottles made from recycled glass.

Acknowledging the uplifting, comforting and even seducing power that a tiny bottle of fragrance has, Ninu has its sights set on revolutionising the world of perfumery. Using AI to subtly change the fragrance’s outcome to perfectly echo or enhance the user’s current mood, is incredibly forward thinking. After all, research conducted by Dr Alan Hirsch from the Smell and Taste Treatment Foundation, found that the part of the brain that recognises scent is tightly linked to our emotions, meaning that smell and behaviour are closely linked. A perfume that is scientifically proven to enhance your mood is a very interesting way to look at fragrance.

Though the release date and cost are yet to be revealed, if you ever wanted to create your very personal perfume, you can share in our excitement until then.

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