Little Moons' Mochi Ice-Cream has gone viral thanks to TikTok

TikTok have done it again, setting another trend ablaze. Their latest viral must-have comes in the form of a little bitesize artisan gelato balls called mochi.

Mochi is a Japanese delicacy, made up of a rice dough housing a bite size amount of ice cream inside. They originally were eaten around the New Year, as a symbol of good fortune, but due to their adorable appearance, and pretty pastel colours, they have become quite a hit with the digital community.

Users of TikTok have taken to using the mochi in their rise to internet fame, by sharing videos of them eating and buying the sweet little snacks. This has amounted to 19.5million views on TikTok, and Instagram is no stranger to the colourful moons either, with just shy of 80k, and multiple pages dedicated to hunting down the extraordinary, incredible explosion of flavour that is the passionfruit & mango mochi, these Japanese bites have really taken over the online world.

As a result of their newfound fame, the company, Little Moons, who manufactures the pastel mochi bites have seen a record breaking surge in sales across all retailers, including a 700% rise in Tesco, who has sold out of multiple flavours for some time due to the demand. This beats it's sales compared to a normal week in December, in just four days last week. The passionfruit & mango in particular was the first to sell out (can you tell we're upset?), followed by the mango, green tea and chocolate.

Waitrose has now seen a 350% surge in sales over the last few days, and Amazon has sold out of all of its mochi supplies. Just last year, Little Moons invested £3.5million into a new production facility in London, in order to allow the brand to make around 72 million mochi a year. That is a lot of mochi.

'What begun a few days ago as a handful of creators posting videos of themselves going into 'a big Tesco' in search of our mochi ice cream has now exploded into thousands of people doing the same, with over 31million views and a massive increase in sales across all our retailers' said co-founder Howard Wong.

What started as a small family business in 2011, has now amounted to one mochi being eaten every 3 seconds. It even has its own filter on Instagram, so you can 'Mochify' yourself. Yes, you really can.

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