An honest review of Apple's new Apple Fitness+ workout platform from wellness guru Roxie Nafousi

On December 14th, Apple launched its latest platform, Apple Fitness+. Powered by the Apple Watch, users will gain immediate access to world-class trainers, (because who else would be a fitness expert for Apple?) As with all Apple products constantly updating, new workouts will be added each week that are accessible anywhere and everywhere.

We spoke to wellness and mental health guru Roxie Nafousi, who was offered early access to the service to find out exactly how it works:

What is the difference between the Apple Fitness platform and other platforms you have tried?

The main difference is that the production quality is so high, you really feel like you're in the studio with the instructors and also the fact you can see your metrics on the screen so you can see your heart rate which you're working out. Which is really motivating. I've also never seen such a diverse group of trainers I think its so welcoming and inclusive, its just a really friendly energy that come's from them.

What do you think of the experience?

It's such a seamless experience because it's connected to my phone my iPad my TV everything is so easy. Little things like when you press ready on your watch it starts [the workout] on the TV so you don't even need to be right at your screen to press go, you can be stood away on your mat and start it, a tiny detail which makes the whole experience better.

What kinds of workouts are on the platform?

There's rowing, HIIT, dance, yoga, there's literally something for everyone. My ideal workout on the platform is doing their 30 minute strength class, then a 20 minute HIIT workout followed by the 10 minute cool down.

Do you think people will continue to work out from home after the pandemic?

I never ever was one who worked out at home and I love fitness but I was obsessed with studios and classes; and now [post pandemic] I would probably do a "real" class once per week and the other days work out from home. It just saves so much time and you can just as effective a work out. I really enjoy the time you save and variety you get online is just so incredible I would definitely work out from home, there are so many different ones to try.

What's the coolest feature in Apple Fitness+

A feature that I really like is that the platform shows you the playlist and you can add it to your iTunes afterward, and I really love that, because its so annoying when you find a song during a workout that you really love and you spend hours on google trying to guess out the lyrics trying to find the song but with this you're like 'Oh I love that song' and I love finding new music. I think it's such a good feature.

Already have the Apple Watch? Current owners get one month free of streaming, followed by a subscription of $9.99/month of $79.00 for the entire year. The best deal is definitely if you’re considering buying an Apple Watch for the holidays though. New watch owners receive 3 free months of streaming, only enhancing those New Year’s resolutions.

Your Apple Watch is already able to track your workouts, but now it becomes even more personalised. With the watch able to sync with the actual streaming experience, it’s able to know exactly what moves you’re doing. No more classifying workouts as “spinning” or “cardio”. The watch is now able to know exactly what you’re if it didn’t already. These advanced metrics are delivered to you in real-time, on whatever Apple device you choose. For example, if you’re streaming the workout on your Apple TV, then your data is projected to you on the screen, decreasing the need to look down at your watch and enhancing your focus.

Along with Apple Fitness integrating with your Apple Watch, it also pairs with Apple Music. Now, you’re getting a beat-driven playlist for each workout, personalised to you and saved in your library. And guess what? You may even listen to this soundtrack via your new Apple Airpods. Basically, Apple has now taken over the fitness experience and we’re not mad about it.

Apple has also included some amazing animations into this digital fitness experience. As your data is projected on the screen in front of you, you will also receive animated celebrations each time a milestone is met. This may look like the “ring” coming to life on your screen as you close in on your goal for the day. The continuous celebration is definitely motivating, especially when it’s personalised to your own goals.

Speaking of motivation, each Apple Fitness workout contains a “Burn Bar”. If you’re the competitive type, you can switch on the Burn Bar to view your data in comparison with other fitness enthusiasts who have completed the same workout.

Not into HIIT? Only enjoy running? There’s a workout for that. The Apple Fitness experience offers a range of exercises, from walking, rowing, dancing, yoga, and even a mindful cool down, as Roxie mentioned. This allows you to choose whatever workout you’re in the mood for that day. With the weather beginning to get colder, we’re guessing a little less running outside and a little more HITT inside. If you don’t have a preference, Apple will also continuously suggest workouts for you to complete, new trainers to try, and suggestions based on the other Apps you use that are connected to the Health App.

Ready to join the movement...literally? You can opt in to be notified when the Apple Fitness+ program goes live by signing up via their website.

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