The new company bringing Virtual Reality shopping to life...

Craving the convenience of online shopping but missing the thrill you get from being “in-store”?

The answer to our prayers is Obsess, an innovative company founded by Neha Singh, former Director of Product for Vogue. Singh was responsible for building Vogue’s Runway fashion interface, as well as the VR app involved. She received her graduate degree in Computer Science from MIT and has led engineering and product teams at Google as well as Vogue.

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Singh was convinced that she could improve the online fashion experience, which jump-started the founding of “Obsess” in 2017. The days of looking at tiny grid pictures of clothing while scrolling through endless pages are over. The online fashion experience is getting a much-needed makeover.

Originally developed as a B2B initiative, Obsess generated custom shopping experiences for Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger. Today, the company is expanding, offering more than 19 virtual stores with over 700 products for sale. This allows multiple fashion brands to showcase their items within one site, similar to the Farfetch model.

The Virtual Reality platform is able to showcase shoppable items within unique settings. Headed on a trip? Need inspo for your travel looks? Simply head to Obsess and shop travel essentials while aboard their private jet. Want to view the Zimmerman Resort collection? There’s a shop for that too, but now it’s underwater.

This platform could not become available at a more opportune time, as the experiential e-commerce market is expected to grow $713 billion dollars within the next four years. Whether the customer is fashion obsessed, tech obsessed (or both), they are now able to shop “in-store”, 24/7.

The site will eventually become dynamically merchandised as well, meaning that it will begin to learn your specific fashion style and curate the experience to your unique tastes. Singh shares her VR/AR goals by stating, “In the long term future of Augmented Reality glasses—and later contact lenses—our eye view will become our screen… Digital information and objects will often be indistinguishable from physical objects, and a new layer of digital fashion will emerge where items won’t need to be manufactured physically, but will be ‘worn’ in this AR realm virtually.”

For the here and now though, Obsess’s goals are to make online shopping fun again. Creating HD- quality beautiful, photorealistic virtual stores is a new way of marketing to the consumer and bound to catch their eye. Obsess is also able to not only showcase these virtual stores on their own site, but also create interactive experiences that live on the brand’s own website and social channels, increasing awareness, engagement, and conversion.

Source: Obsess

The future of customisable shopping is upon us, with Obsess leading the pack. By creating the next generation e-commerce interface, the company is incredibly appealing to today's consumers and brands alike. There is a much needed replacement for the tedious scrolling grid UI (made by Amazon 25 years ago) originally to sell books online and it's one still used on every e-commerce site today. The fashion world deserved an upgrade, and this 'in-store' experience is what it looks like.

Obsess’ clients include Farfetch, Tommy Hilfiger, Ulta Beauty, Dior, Levi's and many more. So far their technology has been featured on CNN, Business Insider, Fortune, Business of Fashion, Vogue, WWD, Digiday, RetailDive, and CNET. It’s only the beginning and we’re obsessed.

For a first-hand look at this immersive virtual reality experience, visit obsessar.com

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