The YSL Rouge Sur Mesure beauty-tech Perso device just gave us the perfect custom lipstick colour

Ok so there are plenty of beauty gadgets out there, but rarely does one deliver something so unique it makes us stop and literally go... WOW.

The iconic lipsticks of Yves Saint-Laurent Beauté are entering the Beauty Tech era with Perso, a smart at-home device that allows consumers to create their own personalised lipsticks. With this smart device, home consumers can create their very own versions of the iconic YSL’s iconic Velvet Cream Matte Finish lipstick.

Created by the L’Oréal Technology Incubator, Perso utilizes color cartridge sets from YSL’s iconic universes of red, nude, orange, or fuchsia and with this innovation, you at home can create thousands of bespoke lipstick shades with a single touch.

The lid of the device functions as a compact luxury case, so you can take your personalised product along with you when you go out.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Thanks to an app that can be installed on a phone or tablet, you can try on any shade you wish via an AR lipstick filter, and then after finding the desired shade for your look, the YSL Perso device will create that exact colour for you IRL.

You simply press to dispense the shade selected and apply with the accompanying brush. The lip colour is dispensed in a perfectly portioned, single dose for an easy and clean application. If you want to take your new lipstick with you for the evening, you remove the lid of the device which doubles as a compact, allowing you to take enough of the product an on-the-go re-touch of the selected shade in sleek YSL packaging. Genius.

There are three ways to create a shade via the app:

  • Shade wheel: to select an everyday shade and then easily dial it up for an evening look.

  • Shade match: to match a standout outfit or favorite accessory with a simple photo capture.

  • Shade stylist: a proprietary algorithm infused with YSL’s color expertise, designed to recommend coordinating lip shades with any outfit.

The Perso device was unveilied at CES 2021, an annual trade show organised by the Consumer Technology Association. YSL have said, "The new product heralds the future of beauty." At the moment it is available for limited pre-sales in the U.S. market, but will be launched worldwide by September 2021.

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